A granddaughter brings joy on Christmas morning by mending her Filipina grandmother’s beloved Mickey plush and decorating her house with Filipino Christmas lanterns ‘parols’; reviving a family tradition and evoking memories of Christmas past.

In only three minutes, FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS melts your heart. Published by Disney for Christmas 2020, this very short film incarnates the Christmas spirit itself. It all starts with the old grandma when she was a child in the Philippines: she got a Mickey Mouse plush as a present and she keeps it to the present day, when she shares it with her granddaughter. The years pass one by one in a very clever montage with the two characters preparing Philippinian decorations but, as the granddaughter grows older, she is less and less interested both in Mickey Mouse and in spending time with her grandma. However, when she finds the plush broken and realizes that for her grandparent is important to spend the holidays together, she works all night long to repair the toy and prepare the decorations. With no words needed, FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS tells a lot and is moving and truly sweet. Nice directing and animation, the only thing that I could personally say didn’t convince me was the song accompaining the short film.

Director: Angela Affinita
Year: 2020
Running time: 3

Happy Holidays from Short Is Worth.