Short about an adorable, cocoa-drinking deer who is eager to tidy and shoveling in front of his house every day. However, there is a suspicious earthquake all night which causes the mess day by day and make unbearable our fella’s life.

HEY DEER! (a really funny pun, we must admit) is an animated short film with an interesting twist. With a cute animation, combined with a real-life actress just at the end, it manages to entertain you with a small mystery. The deer’s life appears to be the same everyday: he shovels the snow away during the day, drinks his cocoa and then goes to bed. But while he sleeps, every single night, earthquakes occur. While we watch HEY DEER! we slowly realize that almost everything is fixed or tied to the walls or surfaces, as the animal knows that his stuff flies constantly while he’s asleep. And again he wakes up, tidies everything, shovels the snow on repeat. At the ending of this funny story, we have a mostly-horror moment when he is caught outside during the quake and starts flying through the air, just to meet the eye of a child looking at a snowglobe. That precise moment is a little bit chilling if we imagne how it would feel to be trapped inside a snowglobe, with a child looking at us and shaking us everyday! But it seems that HEY DEER!’s message is a different one: the child has fun and the deer looks like he’s happy to finally understand what goes on during the night, as he feels relief in “meeting” the child holding the snowglobe.

HEY DEER! was nominated in several film festivals as best animation, such as in Austin Film Festival, Big Muddy Film Festival, Cork International Film Festival, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and so on, going from Seoul to Zagreb. The film also won two awards: the main prize at FFEST IFF – International Student Film Festival and best animation at Manchester International Film Festival.

Title: HEY DEER!
Director: Örs Bárczy
Country: Hungary
Year: 2015
Running time: 7