An insecure student with a crippling crush must find the courage to be seen.

TIM is amazingly done in terms of technique, and the use of green screen in particular, photography and camera movements. It has the perfect high school teen film atmosphere and, visually, it seems flawless. The short film tells a story of a shy student with no courage to be seen by the others: that’s why the character appears to be transparent, with only the clothes visible. TIM is about being ourselves with no shame, a thing that is anticipated just at the start of the film by Oscar Wilde’s quote on the school wall: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.“. The student has a huge crush on a goth girl, which is also a very nice characters; the actress has done a great job in expressing feelings with no dialogue and the director did an impressive work with the camera movements in depicting her in the art scene where the characters exchange a drawing: it looks like the goth girl moves slowly at perfect timing with the song.

When “TIM” finally takes courage to give the goth girl a portrait, we can see the body slowly reappearing. We won’t spoil the ending, but TIM has a nice message about being ourselves, not having shame of showing who we really are, not being afreid about opening to other people. It is nice, well done and with a good teaching.

TIM won the Special Mention in the Cantarel category at Amarcort Film Festival 2020, cosidered by the jurors more pop than the other finalists, but they were struck by the ending, the visual impact, the delicacy and sensibility of treating the topic. It was in official selection of the Oscar Qualifying Festival Hollyshorts.

Title: TIM (The Invisible Me)
Director: John Grammatico
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Running time: 2