New Year’s Eve is a holiday filled with fun, joy and happiness. Even the Grim Reaper decided to take a day off and celebrate in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

GYPSY AND DEATH is an extremely short film, just a couple of seconds over the minute of length. However, what it is represented in the story is pretty interesting: on the 31st of the last day of the year, a gypsy man walking through the snow meets the grim reaper itself! What is hilarious is that Death accepts the offer of something to drink and the two get drunk together, celebrate and have fun like old friends. Two peculiar and interesting characters to greet the new year with! Even if the animation is not perfect, GYPSY AND DEATH is pretty funny the way it is. The only thing we could ask ourselves is… What is the meaning of this? Was the man supposed to die, or did he just meet the grim reaper while it was on its way to work? Did Death get distracted with the celebration and forgot to make the gypsy pass away?

Director: Dmitri Voloshin
Country: Republic of Moldova
Year: 2009
Running time: 1