The painter Oleg decides to disappear to the displeasure of his curator and the general public.

Two characters: Oleg, a painter, and Klaus, an art dealer. Both are interesting and charismatic personalities, but while Oleg is more sensitive, Klaus is more shrewd. The painter flees after being disappointed by his first exhibition, where nobobody shows up, and hides in the mountains, trying to catch inspiration again. While he’s gone, Klaus manages to sell his works, one after the other, earning a great amount of money and making his artist friend pretty famous. So he decides to look for him, to make him paint more and sell even more: he finds Oleg in a catatonic state, contemplating flowers. Oleg had an epiphany during his days of shelter, and is now unresponsive, having painted nothing before falling in catalepsy.

What Klaus can do now is transforming his friend’s retreat and Oleg himself into a musem, making his fans pay to “visit him” and see his last, unfinished, work.

L’ESTASI DI OLEG is ironic, evocative, entertaining, intriguing. With an amazing black and white photography, this work is remarkable both for the plot and for the visuals. The film won the special mention in the Fulgor category at Amarcort Film Festival 2020, in the category dedicated to movies from Emilia-Romagna region. It also won the Audience Award at Malatesta Short Film Festival.

Director: Francesco Selvi
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Running time: 19