Denatality is making one town disappear. The Government is set pressing measures, not just psychological ones.

In IL FAGOTTO, women who don’t contribute to the country by having children and improving the demographics, have to justify their reasons for not having a baby during the last months. The Government has power and control over the fertility or, even worse, infertility and unwillingness to have children. Our characters are Bianca, a young aspirant bassoon player, and Vittoria, a middle-aged woman with little time left. Inside a dingy and not welcoming office, all the women wait to be called to the desk to renew their badges. Bianca gets asked about her romantic relationships, her habits on smoke or drinking and gets the “suggestion” to quit some practices to better be able to have children. At the same time, Vittoria is mistreated by the employee who threatens her to get “deleted” and expelled by sea if she doesn’t have a children by the following year.

The two women then meet outside, Vittoria asks for help and offers a lot of money, but Bianca is not ready to make a decision yet, so the two part ways, knowing that their decisions are able to change their lives and destinies.

This short film has perfect visuals to depict this totalitarian world, with rigor and formal accuracy; the setting is perfect, very well looked after and constructed. Nothing is soft, everything is geometric but also cold, aseptic, with no warm colors. The dystopia is not shown with weapons or physical repression (although Vittoria is threatened by the presence of two women from the security), is subtly created with locations, words, atmospheres. A great film.

IL FAGOTTO won as best short film from Emilia-Romagna at Amarcort Film Festival 2020’s category Fulgor, dedicated to movies from this region. It also won at B.A. Film Festival – BAFF 2020 as Best Short, got a special mention at Olhares do Mediterrâneo – Women’s Film Festival 2020, won the Fedic Award at Reggio Film Festival 2020, Best Screenplay at Valdarno Cinema Film Festival 2020 and was finalist and in official selections of many festivals around the world.

Director: Giulia Giapponesi
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Running time: 15