A girl, a wife and an old woman live in an apartment building, one over the other. Mariana just wants to play, but her mother forces her to study. Cristina packs up and tries to escape her aggressive husband. On the top floor, Carmen wants to listen to the radio, but her abusive daughter does not stand her.

Three floors, three women. They are from different generations, yet the three of them all suffer from some sort of violence. Even if the camera is still, shooting from the same angle, the movements of the characters on the balconies give sense of movement and of action. The photography is in a great black and white, but we can see some elements colored in red, all of them representing the attempt at freedom of the women: the ball for the girl, the suitcase for the lady, the radio for the old woman. TRES PISOS is magistral, a tightrope walking, with an amazing storytelling merged with the pictorual language. What we see is of impact on the audience, despite the stillness of the fixed gaze, and what happens on screen is of vivid strenght.

TRES PISOS won as best student film at Amarcort Film Festival 2020 in the Aldina category, dedicated to cinema students. This great work was also selected at New York Latino Festival, at the Semana de Cine de Lugo in Spain, at Festival Universitario Cortos de Vista in Peru and many more.

Director: Manuela Blandon Restrepo
Country: Colombia
Year: 2020
Running time: 8