The XXXVII INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL of ANIMATION CINEMA, COMICS and GAMES is one of the best known festivals in the Italian scene.
It is a remarkable window for animation works, short films in particular – fiction, educational, experimental, computer graphic – and with a whole section solely dedicated to comics and games.
Furthermore, the festival features:
– exhibitions;
– educational and social projects;
– workshops in local schools;
– one of the most popular and entertaining Cosplay conventions in Italy.
– publication of books and catalogues.
The festival takes place in Rimini in various locations, from downtown to the beach, in the month of July.

The Festival features SHORT ANIMATED FILMS in various sections:

The CARTOON CLUB AWARD, open to short animated films made by professional filmmakers and production companies.

The SIGNOR ROSSI AWARD, open to animated films made by secondary school and university students, and by the students of animation film schools.

The CARTOON KIDS AWARD: among all the submitted films the Festival direction selects a number of short animated films aimed at a children’s audience. An all-children’s jury will select the winner among these films.

The CARTOON JUNIOR AWARD: dedicated to short animated films realized in the context of projects of workshops for children in Italy or abroad.

The INTERNATIONAL PANORAMA, a non-competitive section, open to European and non-European animated short films.