Born in 2008 in Rimini, Italy, Amarcort Film Festival is an international short film festival, the only one dedicated to Federico Fellini, being held in his hometown.

The strength of Amarcort is the capability to combine the love for short cinema and professionality with a distinctive warmth and hospitality: authors and guests all feel a sense of family embracing them. Those who come to Amarcort look forward to coming back again.

2020 opening video


Amarcort has eight competitive sections for short films, documentaries and music videos and several out of competition events, such as focuses on other countries, kids section, industry panels, workshops for students and amateurs, campus for film school students, morning screenings for all level schools, live performances, meeting with authors, Q&A sessions.

The aim of Amarcort is to promote the circulation of short films.

It is also an event where young authors and professionals can meet and establish new ways of co-operation, and has a Short Movie Industry section dedicated to appointments with professionals, pitches, conferences.

Amarcort is member of the Short Film Conference. Amarcort is on

The festival has also launched a website in the first months of 2020, Short Is Worth, and established a network of European festivals by the Mediterranean Sea, named Shortisworth Med Network.

Amarcort shares a great relationship with many distributors around Europe, but never forgets to encourage and support independent short filmmakers. The festival is also proud of a friendly collaboration with the USC School of Cinematic Arts (Los Angeles, USA).

Amarcort takes the importance of gender equity seriously. During the 2020 edition, the festival had organized a conference to raise awarness on unequal treatment of women in the cinema industry by inviting Mujeres nel cinema representatives to speak about the need of creating a network of female professionals in the film field. Amarcort also pays attention to the parity of gender representatives in juries, but also between finalists in all categories.

For its European dimension, Amarcort has received in the last six editions the High Patronage of the European Parliament.

For some special events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Fellini’s birth included in the 2020 edition, Amarcort has received the Patronage of the Direzione Generale del Cinema.

You will be able to browse the three previous editions’ catalogs by clicking on the following links:

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A lucky festival

Did you know that Amarcort Film Festival is also lucky? Or, best to say it, it is a good-luck charm for authors: three times it organized a pitch for authors to meet with producers, and three times the event evolved into work collaborations for young filmmakers!

Hoping to be able to hold pitches and events alike in real person as soon as possible, in 2020 the festival transformed this occurrence in an online meeting, making it possible also for authors from abroad to take part and exchange tips and ideas with the producers.

Although the hope is to make authors and producers meet in person, nothing prevents Amarcort to benefit from the technologies acquired during the pandemic to expand and improve every kind of event in order to become even more connected.

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Links to the 2020 edition

The 2020 edition has been held totally online due to the unfortunately well-known pandemic circumstances. However, Amarcort didn’t stop and evolved to a larger event, able to reach a much broader audience, and held all its events online, from conferences to film screenings.

During 2020, Amarcort Film Festival was also featured in several TV news reports or programs:

You can also find other videos on our YouTube channel:

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, spazio al chiuso
2020 headquarter in Rimini’s Grand Hotel

Goals for 2021 | New in 2021

Amarcort Film Festival 2021 will be in November from 23th to 28th.

In this 2021 edition, Amarcort will introduce two new competitive sections: Calzinazz, dedicated to documentary short films, and one for short films about the art of dancing.

With these two new competitive section, the classic ones remain:

  • Amarcort, dedicated to fiction films, maximum running time 30 minutes;
  • Gradisca, dedicated to short films of all genres, maximum running time 5 minutes;
  • Fulgor, dedicated to short films of all genres by authors from Emilia-Romagna, maximum running time 20 minutes;
  • Rex, dedicated to animation short films, maximum running time 15 minutes;
  • Aldina, dedicated to short films of all genres by students of cinema schools, maximum running time 20 minutes;
  • Gironzalon, dedicated to experimental short films, maximum running time 10 minutes;
  • Cantarel, dedicated to music videos (original/not copyrighted music), maximum running time 5 minutes.

Amarcort aims to organize events dedicated in particular to cinema students, with masterclasses and professional formation.

Many other projects are in the works for the 2021 edition: join us during Clermont-Ferrand Market to find out what the festival is up to!

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