A woman becomes a Lyft driver and tries to reinvent her life.

FRANCES 2.0 is brilliant and fun. It starts from something simple: a middle-aged woman who moves from Maryland to California to start again and to live closer to her daughter. But even if the plot seems basic, the short film is pretty interesting: Frances becomes a driver and this allows her (and the audience) to meet a roundup of peculiar characters, just normal people who share some minutes in the car with the woman, between smark jokes and cute mistakes of our protagonist, curious and nice, but still naive and unused to the big city.

Frances, cheerful and optimistic, tries to adapt to a new life: has an influencer roommate, wants to make a profile on a dating website, shocks her daughter with her new attitude… All of these things contribute to the nice and hilarious tone of FRANCES 2.0. The director has done an undoubtely good work with characters, which are all realistic and memorable.

The ending reveals a nice plot-twist we won’t spoil, but somehow it is less strong and surprising than it could have been. It happens a little bit too suddenly and leaves the audience with the desire to see more of the new Frances. This short film somehow feels like a pilot episode of a comedic tv series and the sensation is that of something that could have lasted longer without becoming boring.

Title: FRANCES 2.0
Director: Hannah Levy
Country: USA
Year: 2018
Running time: 6