In a world where lake monsters exist, we follow the daily life of Giacomo Rosetti, the one who takes care of Isy, the monster of Lake Iseo.

MONSTER SITTER is an amusing mockumentary which follows the life of Giacomo Rosetti, a man who lovingly takes care of Lake Iseo’s monster, Isy. The world of this short film is populated by lake monsters, and the reference to the head of the monster sitters association being the one in charge of Loch Ness is really cute. Giacomo Pratelli’s acting performance is just perfect: so natural, naive, spontaneous, able to draw more than one smile upon the audience’s faces. The extras, being them shopkeepers, bartenders or local residents, are all believable in their appereances, showing a really good directing job by Beatrice and Lince. The setting is peaceful, the lights are perfect, the photography is great and everything feels so real. This mockumentary really does its job of looking like a real documentary we could see on the television. MONSTER SITTER’s plot is very original and, within just five minutes, the film manages to be at the same time sweet, funny, mysterious and intriguing. What we want to see, as are willing to see the journalists following Giacomo’s daily routine with Isy, is the monster itself. We must admit that we didn’t expect, in the end, to catch a glimpse of Isy coming out of the lake: being the prohibition to shoot photos or videos to the monster the key issue of the narrative, one could just assume that Isy would never make its appearance. Therefore, the ending is a cute surprise.

MONSTER SITTER has won several awards such as the Occhi Sul Lago prize at CortoLovere Film Festival in Italy, Best Director at Festival Corto Corrente in Italy, and the Audience Award at Life, the Universe and Everything Film Festival, USA. The film has also been in official selection around the world, from Amarcort Film Festival in Italy to Bristol Science Film Festival in the UK, Festival de cine de las Yungas in Argentina, Sharjah International Film Festival For Children and Youth in United Arab Emirates and many more.

Director: Elena Beatrice, Daniele Lince
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Running time: 5