Seaside: on the beach, we see the shade of a man that seems to be in an equivocal situation with a lady.

A middle-aged woman looks at them disgusted, calling them revolting. After a few seconds, the frame changes and we realize that the lady was just tieing his shoes. The group takes off, but the woman remains repulsed and collects a water bottle that the protagonists had thrown on the sand. An ironic short film about plastic pollution.

MORE LOVE, LESS PLASTIC was made by students at Centro di Cinema e Teatro “La Valigia dell’Attore” by Samuele Sbrighi during Romagna Cinema Summercamp. The crew worked on this super-short film, shot on Rimini beach, with a length of less than two minutes: short but effective. The film won the Gradisca award at Amarcort Film Festival 2020, voted by the audience in ex aequo with another work.

Director: Lorenzo Degli Angeli
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Running time: 1