A factory worker assembles an enigmatic machine that produces liquid drops from the moonlight.

MOON DROPS is a sweet and heartwarming short film about a talented factory worker, stuck in a boring and grey job. But there’s something that gives him hope: both love and an invention he is trying to complete on the roof of his house. When he starts bottling liquid drops from the moon to sell them at the local market, everything changes. The story is poetic and it can pride itself of an exquisite screenwriting. The setting is absolutely perfect, the actors are really good and amazingly directed, able to convey emotions without speaking a single word. MOON DROPS has magic realism, is a film for dreamers, romantic, original and beautiful. The score accompanying the narrative is just perfect, it sets the mood of the story and sweetly lets the audience slide inside the world of the protagonist.

MOON DROPS has, and it is no surprise, won several awards around the world. To name a few: Judge’s Choice Award and Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy at San Dieco Comic-Con in USA, Best Non Dialogue Film at Sapporo Short Film Fest in Japan, Audience Award at Amarcort Film Festival in Italy, Best Screenplay at Yerevan Armenia and many more. It was also in the official selection of festivals such as Jerusalem Film Festival, Festival of Nations in Austria, Bogota Short Film Festival and more.

Director: Yoram Ever-Hadani
Country: Israel
Year: 2018
Running time: 16