Elsa is seventy years old and she has five empty beehives. The bees are gone, like her husband, whom she cannot forgive to have passed away before her.

APE REGINA is a very interesting work, a short film able to treat themes of actuality very tangibly, without being obvious. Elsa and Amin don’t understand one another, as he speaks his lative language and she doesn’t really speak proper Italian, but prefers to use her dialect. The woman is grieving for her late husband and appears cold, gruff and sturdy. But Elsa is also very strong and kind-hearted. She welcomes Amin in her own way, teaches him her job with the bees, trying to make them come back to the beehives. The linguistic incommunicability is filled by daily gestures, kindness and empathy, as the woman also decides to cover from him when polices comes to ask questions. APE REGINA is technically egregious, with perfect lighting, nice setting and great acting. The ending shows a glance of hope: as Amin manages to run away, a queen bee perches on Elsa’s shoulder, meaning that the bees are ready to return, as the woman learns to let go.

APE REGINA won the Prem1ere Film Award Alice nella Città and the Youth Jury Award at Amarcort Film Festival. The film was also in official selection at Ischia Film Festival.

Director: Nicola Sorcinelli
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Running time: 14