A single mother tries desperately to get in touch with her son after a bomb attack in London, where the boy lives and studies.

L’ATTESA is a breathtaking short film. With a great sequence shot, we follow a mother’s day getting completely overthrown by the news of a terroristic attack in London, where her son lives. The film is mature, sensitive, dramatic, claustrophobic. The rhythm is pressing, knows how to make you feel as anxious as Luisa is, between a hurricane of phone calls, panic attacks, concern and the struggle to remain calm. While getting in touch with her son’s friends, the mother finds out a lot of troubling news about his true life in the UK, but even these shocking revelations are nothing in front of the fear of something that might had happened to her boy. Particularly impressive is the phone call Luisa has with her own mother, Luca’s grandmother, during which she tries to calm her down while is in pain herself. The ending is also remarkable and eloquent: both the phones start ringing at the same time, unanswered, while until a few minutes ago they were the only instrument Luisa had. The strenghts of the film are obviously found both in the story, with an amazing screenwriting and an impressive work by the director, and in the acting of Lucianna De Falco.

L’ATTESA has won several prizes, such as Best Director and Best Actress at Adriatic Film Festival, Best screenwriting and Best Actress at Festival VideoCorto Nettuno, Best Italian Short Film at Amarcort Film Festival and many others. It was also screened at Edinburgh Short Film Festival.

Director: Angela Bevilacqua
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Running time: 23