Towkay Tan plans to go on a trip with his family during Chinese New Year, leaving his coffee shop under the care of his employee, Ah Biao, a shop runner from China. Things get challenging for Towkay Tan when he realises his business will be left to a foreigner who has yet to learn its language.

REUNION is a very short film but full of emotions. Main characters of the story are Towkay Tan, the owner of a coffee shop, and his employee Ah Biao, who comes from China. As we learn during the film, Ah Biao has been working in Singapore for months, but he is still not very well-versed with Malay Language. At the beginning, Towkay Tan is rude with him as well as concerned: he needs to go on a trip with his family and has to entrust his business to an employee with linguistical problems. For instance, Ah Biao misunderstoods the order of a client who needs sugarless coffee because of diabetes. But it is time of the Chinese New Year, when everyone celebrates with family, and Ah Biao can only speak with his in China via his mobile phone. At evening, when he feels he is going to spend his dinner alone, Towkay Tan and his family surprise him by coming over with food, to celebrate such a traditionally important holiday. Heartwarming and hopeful, REUNION enlightens what means to be alone during the festive season and the problems with loneliness and language a migrated worker can have. Ah Biao feels as part of Towkay Tan’s family and celebrates with a lighter heart.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Director: Lincoln Chia
Country: Singapore
Year: 2016
Running time: 3