In this playful, supernatural tale by visual artist Alexandre Singh, a curmudgeonly novelist, Henry Salt, wakes from a nightmare to find a troubling entry in his diary: 12 o’clock at the restaurant ‘La Folie’.

An absolutely visionary short film, in which the visual world is very rich, well-crafted, interesting and immersive. The plot starts with a memory hole: the protagonist, Henry Salt, isn’t able to recognise an appointment written on his own diary: it looks like the handwritting isn’t his but, since he as his arm in a cast, he could’ve taken the note with the other hand. Henry starts calling his friends and acquaitances, including people he hasn’t seen in months, in order to find the right person he should meet at the Restaurant La Folie. Unluckily, he cannot find the answer, so he goes there himself, trying to figure out what is going on. At La Folie, he finds a grotesque world, full of colors, horrors, weird characters doing even weirder stuff. And his question remains unanswered. But to reveal the truth would be unkind to the reader, so we will just leave the suspance here, to let one desire to watch this great piece of a short film to know all the answers. Singh is an incredible artist who created an interesting world by mixing writing, performance, sound and graphic design. La Folie is unforgettable, the atmosphere of THE APPOINTMENT is of a gothic tale or a horror story that intrigues, scares and entertains. It feels like an endless dream or, to better say it, a conscious nightmare.

THE APPOINTMENT won the Fellini Mention at Amarcort Film Festival as the most “Fellinian” film of year 2020. It was also in competition at Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival.

Director: Alexandre Singh
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2019
Running time: 19