Berta and Hugo are two strangers in a hotel room. Their lives have nothing in common… But they are closer than they think.

With a very original concept and plot, UNA MUJER COMPLETA is a short film that touches your heart in many different ways. Berta is looking for a male prostitute, while Hugo needs money. They seem to be very different, two worlds completely separated, as emerges from their dialogue: she is rich, he is in trouble because of the economic crysis; but, for both of them this is the first time dealing with paid sex. Berta needs to feel desired, as her husband doesn’t even touch her anymore after the surgery she had years before. Hugo is trying to get into the loop to make the money he needs, but not only it is his first time as a male prostitute, it is his first time with a woman. The two get deeply connected, both are sensitive and suffering and, in a window of minutes, share an important moment for both of them. UNA MUJER COMPLETA has a great technical level, good dialogues and an amazing and powerful narrative. What is really powerful and full of meaning is the last thing Hugo says to Berta before leaving: you don’t need anyone to be a complete woman.

Unsurprisingly, UNA MUJER COMPLETA has won several awards: Grand Jury Prize at Amarcort Film Festival, Best Equality Short Film Award at Certamen Nacional De Cortos – Semana De Cine Español De Mula, Jury Award Best Short Film at Concurso De Cortometrajes ‘Talento Andaluz: Origen’ in Spain, Jury Award Best Actress at Hendaia Film Festival in France and many more. It was also in selection at Miracle Film Festival in USA, Diverso Cinema in Colombia and several more to enumerate.

Director: Ceres Machado
Country: Spain
Year: 2019
Running time: 11