The 2021 edition of Big Sky Documentary Film Festival will start on February 19th and end on 28th. This is the 18th edition of BSFI, which is Academy Award Qualifying with the prizes Best Mini-Doc, Best Documentary Short.

Short Competition

  • Artic Summer by Daniel Fradin, Kyle Rosenbluth (USA, Canada)
  • Driven by Cody Wilson (USA)
  • The Interview by Jonathan Miller, Zachary Russo (USA)
  • Khoniyar’s Children by Arman Gholipour Dashtaki (Iran)
  • Meltdown in Dixie by Emily Harrold (USA)
  • Rust by Rafal Malecki (Poland)
  • Say His Name: Five Days for George Floyd by Cy Dodson (USA)
  • Seahorse by Nele Dehnenkamp (Germany)
  • Team Meryland by Gabriel Gaurano (USA)
  • We the Power by David Garrett Byars (Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, USA)

Mini Competition

  • 57 Days by Laura Brasero, Mario Lumbreras (Spain)
  • Águilas (Eagles) by Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, Maite Zubiaurre (Canada, USA)
  • Blackthorn by Dom Bush (United Kingdom)
  • Feelings of Invisibility by Charmaine Kachibaia (Canada)
  • Ms Diva Trucker by Dana Reilly (USA)
  • My Little Hilton by Kevin Duncan Wong, Todd Sills (USA)
  • The Orange Candidate by Ryan Weibush (USA)
  • Paulette by James Gallagher (USA)
  • The Roots Weaver by Fernando Saldivia (Chile)
  • View by Odveig Klyve (Norway)

Big Sky Award

Only listing the short films in this category.

  • Ale Libre by Maya Cueva (USA)
  • Bitterroot by Adam Meeks (USA)