Ex-lovers meet to return each other’s things. What they say and think is different.

A short film that flows faster than it seems. It is, indeed, of only seven minutes of length, but being all made of dialogues, one could expect it to feel longer, maybe tedious. But IN OTHER WORDS seems to go too fast instead, as it surely is for the two characters: ex lovers who meet again to return objects they still had not returned when they broke up. The time goes by too fast while they speak of their “new” lives without really saying what’s on their minds. A really cool plot device is the use of subtitles to give voice to what their heart truly mean: they both want to go back together, they feel lonely, they miss eachother, but they keep on talking about how wonderful they feel. And after getting their stuff back, they still need excuses to keep talking, as the time is moving too fast. But both of them cannot be honest and the ex-couple ends up arguing again. When they are interrupted they apologize, but again nobody has the boldness to speak the truth, and the man leaves. The colors and setting are perfect and an amazing job has been done with the small set and the costumes. The acting is really nice, since both the characters manage to seem really uncomfortable, inexplicably shy, uneasy. And as the audience watches, their hearts struggle for this couple to get back together: you watch it and you hope that in the end one of them will speak their mind, but they don’t. And while you expected it to some extent, you still feel sorry and empathize with them. IN OTHER WORDS shows life as it really is: we are mostly unable to tell our real truth, to voice our thoughts, maybe because of the ego, maybe because it is painful, but we end up getting even more hurted. Anyway, one may argue that the couple in this short film was right to break up, since they end up fighting again while thinking how much love they felt, so maybe the pain and distrust was stronger than their feelings. Whatever the interpretation on this, IN OTHER WORDS is a really good piece of work.

IN OTHER WORDS was in official selection at Portland Film Festival, New Port Beach Film Fest, Nantucket Film Festival, Tallgrass Film Festival.

Director: Lola Blanc
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Running time: 7