While wandering around New York, 18-year-old Tereek encounters Artie, a deaf-blind man trying to get home.

A really moving and emotional short film. FEELING THROUGH takes place during one night, following the steps of Tereek, a homeless young man, always looking for a place to be hosted, asking friends and acquaitances for a spot on the couch or an offered meal. After hanging out with a couple of friends, he asks for hospitality and, while he waits for an answer over the phone, he encounters Artie, a blind-deaf man, looking for somebody willing to help him catch a bus. While being in a hurry or he will not get hosted, Tereek spends his time helping the man anyway. He walks him around, takes him to buy something to drink and makes sure he will be able to get home. While doing so, the two connect in a deep way, which is touching and heartwarming: this meeting is capable to change Tereek’s life. He even goes as far as arguing with the bus driver to ensure that he will actually help Artie with the right bus stop. When the two come apart, Artie reassures Tereek that one day he will be okay too. So the young man keeps wandering in the lonely streets of New York with a new hope in his heart. FEELING THROUGH may be a little predictable and maybe the ending is not properly developed, but it tells a story that will remain in your memories. It has a deep message. Amazing acting performances and unforgettable photography.

FEELING THROUGH is in the Academy Award Shortlist for Fiction Short Films. It won many awards, starting from Best Narrative Short at Fargo Film Festival, to Audience Award at Portland Film Festival and at San Diego International Film Festival and many more. It was also in competition at Wisconsin Film Festival.

Director: Doug Roland
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Running time: 18