The 2021 edition of Slamdance Film Festival was held from February 12th to 25th. and has now ended The festival is Academy Award Qualifying with the prizes Jury Award for Narrative Short, Jury Award for Animation Short, Jury Award for Documentary Short.

Winners have been announced, and as always we are only listing the short films winners.

Honorable Mention, Documentary Short
Ain’t No Time For Women by Sarra El Abed

Honorable Mention, Narrative Short
Delimitation by Tereza Vejvodová

Honorable Mention, Unstoppable
Feeling Through by Doug Roland
Full Picture by Jacob Reed

Grand Jury Prize for Narrative Short
In France Michelle is a Man’s Name by Em Weinstein

Honorable Mention, George Starks Spirit of Slamdance
Life by Mohammad Mohammadian

Honorable Mention, Animation Short
Lizard Ladder by Ted Wiggin

Honorable Mention Narrative Short
MADA (Mother) by Joseph Douglas Elmhirst

Honorable Mention, Experimental Short
Mountain Lodge by Jordan Wong

CreativeFuture Innovation Award
Opera by Erick Oh

Grand Jury Prize for Experimental Short
Passage by Ann Oren

Grand Jury Prize for Animation Short
Return to the Peach Blossom Wonderland by Haomin Peng, Yue Huang, Yuchao Luo

Grand Jury Prize, Unstoppable
The Bin by Jocelyn Tamayo

Honorable Mention Acting for Michelle Uranowitz
The Ultimate (By Lou Fescano) by Daniel Jaffe

Grand Jury Prize for Documentary Short
Unforgivable by Marlén Viñayo