The Gate Notes ‘Mosquito Week’.

This extremely short film, posted by PES on his YouTube channel, was made for the Mosquito Week. THE WORLD’S DEADLIEST KILLER is just brilliant and manages to be scary in just less than one minute. We are in a swamp and our attention gets captured because of the mystery around the setting, until the camera slowly but steadily slides towards a creepy figure. This figure seems to be the grim reaper, a skeleton with a heavy cape and a scythe, but it is a bit different that it seems: the figure is, in fact, made of mosquitos. The insects are disturbingly buzzing, until one of them bites the spectator and sucks his blood. Then, the words “still the world’s deadliest killer” appear on screen, raising awareness on the issue. And then it is all done, the film is over in a handful of seconds, but remains impressive and frightening with its nightmarish vibes. It is interesting to see PES’ development with animation and his always remarkable ideas.

Director: PES
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Running time: 1