Two strangers meet in a motel room where everything is not as it seems.

LUGHEAD is pretty interesting in its plot, although there is an exact scene where you can see the twist coming if you are accustomed enough to the genre. However, the short film is pretty engaging and manages to deceive the audience during the first half, as it is made to seem something else. Everything is appearance, even when the girl reveals her true job: it is all a trick, for the audience and for the man. While the male actor looks a bit woody in his acting, especially in the beginning, the woman is very natural and convincing. The setting is perfect, simple and right for the job. LUGHEAD has a good atmosphere and intriguing dialogues. It explores a marriage relationship, but also enlightens the man’s character: disinterested and contradictory. He cannot contemplate the divorce because he’s Catholic, but then he meets up with the woman to do something else at his wife’s back. We could say that MUGHEAD is a dark comedy, but is more a psychological tale of intrigue and imposture. The woman’s last line is pretty eloquent: the man was concerned whether she would have some feelings that could make the job harder or scare her or else… It ends up she had some feelings while doing what she had to do, but those feelings were pretty different than what he could have imagine. A sort of revenge, maybe, or a form of sorority.

Director: Corey Shurge
Country: Canada
Year: 2019
Running time: 10