Jaq is a typical young woman, navigating the foibles of life, love and endometriosis.

END-O is a very interesting and relevant short film about a female health issue which is belittled, undervalued and sometimes misunderstood by many. With a mix of comedy (we would say dark comedy to a certain extent) and drama, this short film explores the pain and difficulties of two sisters, both suffering from endometriosis. END-O brings attention to the disparity in healthcare for women and the poor understanding that male providers have about these kinds of gynecological problems. The scene where Jaq talks to the doctor in his room about her endometriosis is really self-explanatory: full of lack of understanding, useless advices the woman has heard so many times and that never helped, minimizing the problem as “it is normal for you condition” and so on. Another brilliant element is the use of food to represent the uterus, the ovaries and the issues going on: the scene where everything gets thrown away and cleaned gave us the chills because, while being ‘sweetened’ by the fact that it was just ‘food’, it metaphorically represented what happened to Jaq’s sister… A terrible hysterectomy. And while being provocative and addressing the issue, showing how far endometriosis can bring, how painful it can be and the awful consequences, END-O is also kind of hopeful in the ending, when it seems that Jaq is prepared to address the issue with her (almost) partner. END-O is funny but thought-provoking, very very well written and acted, interesting and important.

Title: END-O
Director: Alice Seabright
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2019
Running time: 15

Happy International Women’s Day.