After a meet cute gone horribly wrong, Ivy gets a second chance at love in this feminist, magical realism rom-com.

This half comedic, half romantic and with more of a pinch of sci-fi short film is really brilliant. MULTIVERSE DATING FOR BEGINNERS is very simple in its idea but deep, true and realistic in the dialogues and connection created between the two characters. Both of them seem real, not just made up to shot a film, not exaggerated nor fake: what they say and what they do is authentic and acted amazingly. If we have ever wondered what if at the start of a relationship, MULTIVERSE DATING FOR BEGINNERS explains it exaclty by using a little bit of science-fiction: Ivy and Dave’s chat gets repeatedly rewind each time they say something wrong, mess up or lose their connection. It’s like the universe (or, to better say it, the multiverse) is trying to give them more than one chance to communicate and find common ground to build a true relationship that can last. This short film goes in a blast as it is entertaining, good, funny, catchy, while it is also deep and relatable.

MULTIVERSE DATING FOR BEGINNERS has won several prizes, such as Best Short Film at Gig Harbor Film Festival, Best Short Film and Best Comedy Short at Twister Alley International Film Festival and Best Director for Tatham at Windy City Film Festival.

Director: Kelly Tatham
Country: Canada
Year: 2017
Running time: 13