Future political disputes won’t be settled through war,… just war games.

THE NEW POLITICS is pretty awesome. This short film is great at creating a certain atmosphere, building anticipation, make everything look so mysterious and serious. Partly due to the choice of music, partly thanks to the setting and the acting (silent but effective), the story feels important, dangerous, it seems to be involving war, it is almost solemn. What we have instead when it ends is a honest good luck as we get surprised by the twist we didn’t see coming. THE NEW POLITICS is a very interesting work, the special effects are neat, realistic, well incorporated: the high-technology feels possible, like coming from a not-to-far future, useful and cool and it drags our attention while we follow the main character getting ready for “war”. This short film is full of good ideas and is very well-done, not only in the photography, setting and effects, but also in its plot and creative ending.

Director: Joshua Wong
Country: Hong Kong, China
Year: 2016
Running time: 5