Humanity makes a deal with a new client. Based on the comic “Good Business” by Simon Roy.

The premises and idea behind GOOD BUSINESS are pretty interesting: human beings selling weapons and explosives to an alien race that looks made of tentacled-lobsters (or something like that). The visual effects are very nice too: the monsters look real, are well-incorporated to the setting, interact neatly with the actors and the way they move and try to communicate is great in general. What may GOOD BUSINESS look less good is the human acting: the fake accents, the not so natural performances, the not so believable speech. They also look too “clean” to be soldiers on a very dangerous mission, but this is the last of problems. With a better acting, this short film would be really great: even if it lasts less than 5 minutes, it creates an interesting atmosphere and the story could be developed further. Not a bad short film overall.

Director: Ray Sullivan
Country: Ireland
Year: 2017
Running time: 4