‘What happened? Where am I?’ The man who wakes up alone in the woods has many questions. Is he dead and in the hereafter? The voice of God soberly answers his questions.

RE \ ENTRY is impressive, it sneaks inside your mind and leaves you thoughtful. The plot comes from the short story The Egg (2009) by Andy Weir and is a perfect transposition on film. A man dies after a car accident and “meets” God: he starts asking question, to wonder what the meaning of life is… How can you blame him? And then God answers with a calm voice, revealing something deeper than expected. With stimulating and greatly-acted dialogues, the truth about human nature is revealed: the man is to reincarnate, as he already has lived many lives before. And this reincarnation can go back in time, and he could meet another version of himself without ever knowing nor noticing. But there is even more: the “man” is every person on Earth, he has been living and will live all the lives, the destinies, past and future, more and more… He is everyone.

This creates a deep meaning about the connection between every person, a powerful link. It suggests the idea that, when we hurt someone, we are hurting ourselves. Even if one doesn’t believe in reincarnation, this short film and the story behind it can still be impactful for this poetic and philosophical message about the deep connection between humans. After all, we are all the same soul. This message is more philosophical than religious, we believe it is to spread a message of love and of understanding the others as they are ourselves.

With beautiful shots taken all over the Earth, people of all ages, color, social background, place in time, and so on, are represented as God explains the truth. RE \ ENTRY is very deep and moving. The actors, both the only one on screen (Issaka Sawadogo) and the off-screen voice (John Bang Reilly) are convincing.

Title: RE \ ENTRY
Director: Ben Brand
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2019
Running time: 9