Travel along with the Voyager spacecrafts as they traverse the solar system on their planetary expedition spanning over three decades.

VOYAGERS is a very beautiful short documentary, really appreciable if one is interested in space exploration, but totally accessible and enjoyable by the whole audience. Within fifteen minutes it is able to span across the three decades of the Voyager Program’s explorations of the Solar System without becoming tedious. As the beautiful imgaes of the space, planets, and Earth itself come on the screen, the eyes are captured by their beauty. VOYAGERS’ work is pretty interesting, remarkable and poetic: it brings together all the images, sounds and videos recorded by the probes during their pilgrimages, making the scientific progress made by humankind very clear.

VOYAGERS was featured in many festivals and it was in nomination as Best Short Film at Sundance Film Festival.

Director: Santiago Menghini
Country: Canada
Year: 2015
Running time: 15