When Aunt Drea solicits her help with criminal activities, young Jess’s emotions spin out of control, releasing powers she’d rather keep hidden.

KINETIC has all the potential to be a feature film or a TV series. It is a great sci-fi short film, portraying a struggling teenage girl. Her parents are gone, she lives with her aunt, has no friends because she is different, but nobody knows how much different she is. She is angry, scared, involved in bad family dynamics. But she is also strong, stronger than she thinks. You can feel so much potential coming from KINETIC, so much that you will feel unsatisfied when the short film ends. A great idea that make you crave for more, a good use of special effects and amazing acting. The climax scene is for sure the one when the teenager vents by using her power, running away as fast as she can and then manipulating the things around her. Good sci-fi work.

Director: Kylie Eaton
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Running time: 5