The story of a man who loses his clothes at a laundrette and his journey to get them back.

CLEAN is a really cool metaphorical short film. The main character’s journey looks like Dante’s voyage through hell. As the man approaches the laudrette to get his clothes clean, the first thing he sees is a naked man running away, visibly scared, with burns on his body. Nonetheless, he gets inside and starts a washing machine; while he waits, he falls asleep just to wake up alone and with his clothes disappears. As the protagonist falls inside the washing machine, his journey begins: it may look like he’s just in search of his clothes, but there’s much more under the surface. The not-so-subtle racism of the “whites only laundrette”, the appearance of his ex-girlfriend and the reminescences of his cheating… Everything is haunting him. CLEAN is about guilt and how we need to erease that: if only it could be as easy as washing some clothes. The man crawls inside tunnels that look like washing machines, escaping from a room to another in search of redemption. With great music, nice visuals, CLEAN surely is original and full of meaning. With references to Alice in Wonderland and the world she got lost in, the man is not looking for white rabbits. And when the ending comes, and one could think he has escaped, there’s one creepy thing that is still missing: the drier.

Title: CLEAN
Director: Richard Paris Wilson
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2020
Running time: 10