The 2021 edition of Trento Film Festival, a film festival about mountain, alpinism and nature, based in Trento, Italy, will start on April 30th and end on May 9th. After the 2020 edition which was in hybrid form, this year it will be fully online. This is the 69th edition of the festival.

Alongside the full length films/documentaries, it also features short films. Here we are listing the short films only (under 30 minutes).


  • Aletsch Negative by Laurence Bonvin (Switzerland)
  • Espiritos E Rochas: Um Mito Açoriano by Aylin Gökmen (Switzerland, Portugal)
  • La Brenva en Hiver by Thibaut Sichet (France)
  • Le Grand Viveur by Perla Sardella (Italy)
  • Mundo by Ana Edwards (Chile)
  • One Day by Jin Jiang (China)
  • Reserve by Gerard Ortín Castellví (Spain)
  • Sous les pins by Sébastien Baillou (Belgium, France)

Terre Alte

  • 400 paires de bottes by Raphaël Botiveau, Hélène Baillot (France)
  • Beyond the glacier by David Rodríguez Muñiz (Spain)
  • Gorria by Maddi Barber (Spain)
  • Haeberli by Moritz Mueller-Preisser (Germany)
  • Khoniyar’s children by Arman Gholipour Dashtaki (Iran)

Orizzonti Vicini

  • 1934 by Michele Bellio (Italy)
  • Con il sorriso by Andrea Azzetti (Italy)
  • Détour by Alessio Vasarin (Italy)
  • Ein Mann zu sein by Felix Rier (Italy)
  • Herz-Jesu-Feue by Irene Dorigotti (Italy)
  • III sentiero by Luca Albrisi (Italy)
  • Paesaggi del cibo by Michele Trentini, Andrea Colbacchini (Italy)
  • Schianti by Tobia Passigato (Italy)
  • Troiane by Stefano Santamato (Italy)
  • Walk and talk! – Con gli occhi dell’altro by Sara Cao (Italy)

Destinazione… Groenlandia

  • Ella e l’ultimo cacciatore by Fabio Pasini (Italy)
  • Hedtoft by Inuk Jørgensen (Greenland)
  • In the shadow of the Tugtupite by Inuk Jørgensen (Greenland)
  • Naja by Marc Fussing Rosbach (Greenland)
  • Snow by Nivi Pedersen (Greenland)
  • Translations by Tinne Zenner (Canada, Denmark, Greenland)


  • Cavalli bardati by Fulvio Mariani (Italy, Switzerland)
  • Confessions of a runner by Bachar Khattar (Lebanon)
  • Dream mountain by Cira Crowell (USA, Nepal)
  • Dry refuge by Ruben Crespo (Spain)
  • El gran hito by Ignasi López Fàbregas (Spain)
  • L’escalade libérée by Benoît Regord (France)
  • Makatea vertical adventure by Guillaume Broust (France)
  • Metanoia by Florian Gassner, Paul Schweller (Austria, Germany)
  • North country by Nick Martini (USA)
  • Spellbound by Richard Sidey (New Zealand)

Proiezioni speciali

  • Mila by Cinzia Angelini (Italy, Canada, USA, United Kingdom)
  • Venìa by Emanuele Confortin (Italy)