We follow a man of advanced age walking along a misty mountain path in China.

This documentary is truly fascinating. We don’t need words, we don’t even need to see the face of the man. He just walks, and we -thanks to the camera- walk behind him. We follow him working, strolling around, walking, going somewhere, maybe coming back. He walks through the seasons, the woods, on the roads, with bags, carrying food, water. He is alone, he is with a dog. In the night, in the morning. ONE DAY is a gorgeous documentary, immersive in silence and sounds of nature. It is pretty minimal, with no dialogue, no interaction, just following a man behind his back. However, ONE DAY is not boring nor pointless, and while watching this fascinating journey, we may question the meaning of his actions, where he is going, why is he alone, what is he going to do when he arrives. It is a very interesting perspective on the passing of days and the use of our time.

ONE DAY was in competition at Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival and at Trento Film Festival, where it won as Best Short Film.

Title: ONE DAY (一天)
Director: Jin Jiang
Country: China
Year: 2020
Running time: 23