The 2021 of Inside Out Film and Video Festival (Canada’s largest 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival) will start on May 27th and end on June 6th. Founded in 1991, the festival is based in Toronto and Ottawa, and this year is also online. This is the 31st edition of Inside Out.

You can have further information about their program at this link to the Program Guide. There is a section for short films.

Shorts in Program

Shorts: Stories We Tell

  • The Isobel Imprint by Ali Grant (Canada)
  • Disruptor Conductor by Sharon Lewis (Canada)
  • Small Town Pride by Chelle Turingan, Riley Sparks (Canada)

Shorts: Local Heroes

  • Cruz by John Dela Cruz (Canada)
  • Unity Mosque by Nicole Teeny (USA)
  • International Dawn Chorus Day by John Greyson (Canada)
  • I Do, But I Don’t by Marlee Druker (Canada)
  • I Am Gay by Ajahnis Charley (Canada)
  • You Will Still Be Here Tomorrow by Michael Hanley (Canada)
  • Parry Riposte by Goldbloom Micomonaco (Canada)
  • 6 Feet Apart by Zheyu Liao (Canada)
  • St Clair W by Emily Ryder (Canada)
  • Between Us by Cailleah Scott-Grimes (Canada)

Shorts and Episodic

  • Enby by Morgan Strug (Canada)
  • #TMI by Ashlei Shyne (USA)


  • Mountain Lodge by Jordan Wong (USA)
  • My Head Aches When I Look Too Long by Callahan Bracken (Canada)
  • The Night Train by Jerry Carlsson (Sweden)
  • Fluid Bound by Rob Fatal (USA)
  • Bruised Fruit Tastes Sweeter by Jake Kolton (USA)
  • Covid Summer by Todd Verow (USA)
  • Fisherman by Nicky Miller (Germany)
  • Ten Times Love by Manuel Billi, Benjamin Bodi (France)
  • Hard by Christian Jacob Ramon (USA)
  • Trade Center by Adam Baran (USA)

Bad Blood

  • Mother Bunker by George Metaxas (Australia)
  • Octavia’s Visions by Zara Zandieh (Germany)
  • Unlievable by Enock Carvalho, Matheus Farias (Brazil)
  • Escaping the Fragile Planet by Thanasis Tsimpinis (Greece)
  • Catfish Killer by Gil Hizon, Seth Harrington (USA)
  • Meta by Sydne Horton (USA)
  • Red String of Fate by Lance Fernandes, Lovina Yavari (Canada)
  • Sinvergüenzilla in “First Kiss” by Anita Abbasi (Canada)
  • Trashy Booty by Iris Devins (USA)


  • Heaven Reaches Down To Earth by Tebogo Malebogo (South Africa)
  • Sunday’s Child by Maisie Richardson-Sellers (USA)
  • Her & Her by Jade Anouk (United Kingdom)
  • Of Self-Blessing by Golden Adonis Redwood Collier (USA)
  • Freed by Josza Anjembe (France)
  • Homegoing by Carlton Daniel Jr (USA)
  • The Beauty President by Whitney Skauge (USA)
  • Mother by Jas Pitt, Kate Stonehill (United Kingdom, Brazil)


  • Heaven Reaches Down To Earth by Tebogo Malebogo (South Africa)
  • Of Hearts and Castles by Rubén Navarro (Spain)
  • Where the Silence Passes by Sandra Romero Acevedo (Spain)
  • Cosmopolitan by Moran Nakar (Israel)
  • Brave by Miguel Melo (Mexico)
  • Homegoing by Carlton Daniel Jr (USA)
  • Freed by Josza Anjembe (France)
  • Land of the Free by Dawid Ullgren (Sweden)

I Knew You Were Trouble

  • Moth by Roxanne Gaucherand (France, Belgium)
  • Spring in Autumn by Ghasideh Golmakani (Iran)
  • Tape by Mirjam Thorkelsdottir (Norway)
  • From A to Q by Emmalie El fadli (United Kingdom)
  • Cocoon Love by Xiaowen Wang (USA)

Long Story Short

  • Plaisir by Molly Gillis (France)
  • Eggshells by Slava Doytcheva (Bulgaria)
  • One Last Deal by Nyala Moon (USA)
  • Out Of Place by Laís Catalano Aranha, Drica Czech (Brazil)
  • Her Voice by Nic Peerson (Canada)
  • Hello Mother by Natalie Shirinian (USA)
  • The Young King by Larin Sullivan (USA)
  • Caro Comes Out by Brit Fryer, Caro Hernandez (USA)
  • The Test by Jessica Smith (Australia)

Only The Young

  • Girlsboysmix by Lara Aerts (Netherlands)
  • Pure by Natalie Jasmine Harris (USA)
  • At Last by Lorena Gordon (USA)
  • amplify by Isak Vaillancourt (Canada)
  • To the Future, With Love by Shaleece Haas (USA)
  • GraceLand by Bonnie Discepolo (USA)
  • Cuttlefish by Alexandra Geller (USA)
  • Pitoc e icinakosian by Gerry Ottawa, Jos-Onimskiw Ottawa-Dubé (Canada)
  • Heroes by Andy Nguyen (Canada)

Sparks Fly

  • Are You Still Watching? by Alex Cardy, Kitty Chrystal, Tali Polichtuk (Australia)
  • Curbside Pickup by Hingman Leung (Canada)
  • Noor & Layla by Fawzia Mirza (Canada)
  • Girls Shouldn’t Walk Alone At Night by Katerine Martineau (Canada)
  • And Then by Jenn Ravenna Tran (USA)
  • To You My Love by Olivia Gastaldo (USA)
  • Begum Parvathi by Radhika Prasidhha (India)
  • Mercury Afrograde by Blanche Akonchong (USA)
  • Trashed by Alyson Richards (Canada)

This is Me Trying

  • Bellydance Vogue by Hadi Moussally (Lebanon)
  • Kind Of by Noah Schamus (USA)
  • Taffy by Jon Crawford (USA)
  • Faraway by Aziz Zoromba (Canada)
  • In France Michelle is a Man’s Name by Em Weinstein (USA)
  • Bro by Sahand Kabiri (Iran)
  • Mano Santa by Steph Camacho (Puerto Rico)
  • Of Self-Blessing by Golden Adonis Redwood Collier (USA)
  • Extra Flavour by Carlos Abascal Peiro (France)


  • Happy Mariage by Sana Jafri (Pakistan)
  • Wishes by Amy Jenkins (USA)
  • Silver Femme by Nico Reano (USA)
  • Send Me an Angel by Shahar Arapov (Israel)
  • They/Them by Goldbloom Micomonaco (Canada)
  • It’s a Girl! by Andy Nguyen (Canada)
  • Mes Chéris by Ethan Folk, Jamal Phoenix, Ty Wardwell (Germany)
  • Pink & Blue by Carmen LoBue (USA)
  • Put the Brights On by Raymond Rhea (USA)
  • Vestirse by John E. Kilberg (USA)