The 2021 edition of Krakow Film Festival will start on May 30th and end on June 6th. This is the 61st edition of KFF. The Krakow Film Festival is European Film Awards qualifying and Academy Awards qualifying with the prizes Golden Dragon for Best Short Film, Silver Dragon for Best Short Animated Film, Silver Dragon for Best Short Fiction Film.

You can find all the films in competition and out of competition on their website, we are only listing the short films.

Short Films in Competition

Short Competition

  • Affairs of the Art by Joanna Quinn (United Kingdom, Canada)
  • Abestos by Javier Marco (Spain)
  • Bad Mood by Loris Giuseppe Nese (Italy)
  • Branka by Ákos K Kovács (Hungary, Serbia)
  • Clara with a Mustache by Ilir Blakçori (Kosovo)
  • Comeback by Vladimir Leschiov (Latvia, Lithuania)
  • Come Here by Marieke Elzerman (Belgium)
  • Georgia by Jayil Pak (South Korea, USA)
  • God Was Here! by Raluca Lupascu (The Netherlands)
  • Have a Nice Dog! by Jalal Maghout (Germany, Syria)
  • Hide by Daniel Gray (Hungary, France, Canada)
  • Homecoming by Raffi Movsisyan (Armenia)
  • In the Dark by Mehdi Zarei (Iran)
  • Joe Buffalo by Amar Chebib (Canada)
  • Khoniyar’s Children by Arman Gholipour Dashtaki (Iran)
  • Like the Ones I Used to Know by Annie St-Pierre (Canada)
  • Locked Out by Julien Goudichaud (France)
  • Love in Times of Coal-Based Economy by Tomasz Siwiński (Poland, Croatia)
  • Mao’s Ice Cream by Brindusa Nastasa, Jialu Zhang, Annabella Stieren (China, Germany, Netherlands)
  • Mom’s Hair by Evstigneev (Russia)
  • Mother by Subarna Das (India)
  • Mutha & The Death of Ham-ma Fuku by Daniel Suberviola (Spain)
  • My Uncle Tudor by Olga Lucovnicova (Belgium, Moldova)
  • On Time by Zbigniew Czapla (Poland)
  • Rough by Declan Lawn, Adam Patterson (Ireland)
  • Salvia at Nine by Nari Jang (South Korea)
  • Snowy by Kaitlyn Schwalje, Alex Wolf Lewis (USA)
  • Solar Voyage by Adam Żądło (Poland)
  • Testimony of Ana by Sachin Dheeraj Mudigonda (India, USA)
  • The Danger in Front by Alexis Chartrand (Canada)
  • The Hangman at Home by Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot (Denmark, France, Canada)
  • The Last Matador by Katariina Lillqvist (Finland)
  • The Last Room on the Left by Adrian Apanel (Poland)
  • Too Late by Kinga Syrek (Poland)
  • When We Were Bullies by Jay Rosenblatt (USA, Germany)
  • You Are Here by Orkhan Abulov (Russia)

National Competition

  • 1970 by Tomasz Wolski (Poland)
  • 98 kg by Izabela Plucińska (Poland)
  • A Little Bit of Paradise by Andrzej Cichocki (Poland)
  • Balcony Concert by Diana Kadłubowska (Poland)
  • Borderland by Andreas Voigt (Germany, Poland)
  • Cigarettes by Maja Markowska (Poland)
  • Dog’s Field by Michalina Musialik (Poland)
  • First Last Summer by Nastazja Gonera (Poland)
  • Green by Karolina Kajetanowicz (Poland)
  • Headfish by Jakub Prysak (Poland)
  • High Maintenance – The Life and Work of Dani Karavan by Barak Heymann (Israel, Poland)
  • Invincible by Tom Koliński (Poland, Switzerland)
  • Just for a While by Zuzanna Gorczycka (Poland)
  • Last Chance by Wiktoria Niewiadomska (Poland)
  • Light Years by Monika Proba (Poland)
  • Love in Times of Coal-Based Economy by Tomasz Siwiński (Poland, Croatia)
  • @miriamfrompoland by Piotr Szczepański (Poland)
  • My Son Locks Himself in the Bathroom by Kuba Januszewski (Poland)
  • Nature is My Homeland by Marek Gajczak (Poland)
  • No Hero At All by Michał Kawecki (Poland)
  • One More Day by Monika Meleń (Poland)
  • Only the Wind by Zofia Kowalewska (Poland)
  • On Time by Zbigniew Czapla (Poland)
  • Polański, Horowitz. Hometown by Mateusz Kudła, Anna Kokoszka-Romer (Poland, France, USA)
  • Prince in a Pastry Shop by Katarzyna Agopsowicz (Poland)
  • Solar Voyage by Adam Żądło (Poland)
  • Tanaka’s Diary by Filip Jacobson (Poland, Germany)
  • The Case of Jan Pampuch by Mikołaj Piszczan (Poland)
  • The Last Room on the Left by Adrian Apanel (Poland)
  • The Place by Sylwia Zawiła (Poland)
  • The Soil by Zuzanna Solakiewicz (Poland)
  • The Visit by Mateusz Jarmulski (Poland)
  • Too Late by Kinga Syrek (Poland)
  • Turbo Love by Alicja Jasina (Poland)
  • Walk With Angels by Tomasz Wysokiński (Poland)
  • Walls by Andrei Kutsila (Poland)


The Krakow Film Festival also features several Selections, with full length and short films.

Somewhere in Europe
No shorts

World Stories
No shorts


  • Brave Bunch. Uprising through children’s eyes by Tomasz Stankiewicz (Poland)

Polish documentary panorama

  • Common Place by Karolina Anna Kuta (Poland)
  • In a Knot by Aleksandra Sykulak (Poland)
  • It’s a Very Pretty Picture by Jakub Ciosiński (Poland)
  • Universes by Dorota Roś (Poland)

Short Matters!

  • All Cats Are Grey in the Dark by Lasse Linder (Switzerland)
  • Genius Loci by Adrien Mérigeau (France)
  • Invisible Hero by Cristèle Alves Meira (Portugal, France)
  • It Wasn’t the Right Mountain, Mohammad by Mili Pecherer (France)
  • Memorable by Bruno Collet (France)
  • Nina by Hristo Simeonov (Bulgaria)
  • People on Saturday by Jonas Ulrich (Switzerland)
  • Sun Dog by Dorian Jespers (Belgium, Russia)
  • The Best City Is No City at All by Christoph Schwarz (Austria)
  • The Golden Buttons by Alex Evstigneev (Russia)
  • The Shift by Laura Carreira (Portugal, United Kingdom)
  • Things that Happen in the Bathroom by Edward Hancox (United Kingdom, USA)
  • Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days by Regina Pessoa (Portugal, Canada, France)

No shorts

Piotr Dumała Retrospective

  • A Nervous Life of Cosmos by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Crime and Punishment by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Dr Charakter presents by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Dr Charakter presents II by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Fight, Love and Work by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Flying Hair by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Franz Kafka by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Freedom of the Leg by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Hippos by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Little Black Riding Hood by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Lullaby by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Lycanthropy by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Nervous Life 1 by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Nervous Life 2 by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • The Gentle One by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • The Last Supper by Piotr Dumala (Poland)
  • Walls by Piotr Dumala (Poland)

Focus on Norway

  • Farce by Robin Jensen (Norway)
  • Mother Didn’t Know by Anita Killi (Norway)
  • No Man is an Island by Ali Parandian (Norway)
  • The Committee by Gunhild Enger, Jenni Toivoniemi (Norway, Sweden, Finland)
  • Virgins4lyfe by Thea Hvistendahl (Norway)
  • Water Bears by Yenni Lee (Norway)

Screening with Polish Audio Description
No shorts

Festival Laureates
No shorts

Sound of Music
No shorts

Special Screening
No shorts