Archie is devastated to learn of the death of his beloved aunt. He makes the long journey to the home she’s left him in the Outer Hebrides and a new day brings renewed hope for Archie and his dog.

Sweet and heartwarming, ARCHIE is also beautiful to watch. The art of stopmotion is always amazing and ARCHIE too can leave the audience in awe in front of certain scenes and how good they were animated. Even if puppets, the characters manage to convey emotions: when Archie cries, it is intense, saddening, immersive. This short film is the story of a trip to the house of a beloved relative who passed away: in the storm, the animation gives its best. The details are well-tended and the plot, even if simple, is something moving and relatable. When Archie and his dog finally make it through the storm (of weather, but also of memories of the aunt), the sun shines back on them, leaving a sense of hope. The music that accompains this short film is also on-point.

ARCHIE won Best of Fest Award at Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

Director: Ainslie Henderson
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2019
Running time: 5