The 2021 edition of Sheffield DocFest (Sheffield International Documentary Festival) will open on June 4th and end on 13th. SDF is Academy Award Qualifying with the prize Sheffield Short Doc Award.

You can find all the documentaries in competition on their website, here we will only be listing the short films.

Short docs

UK Competition

  • Ali and his Miracle Sheep by Maythem Ridha (Iraq, United Kingdom)
  • Alive by Makeda Matheson (United Kingdom)
  • Caught (Caer) by Nicola Mai (United Kingdom)
  • Cold Stack by Frank Martin (United Kingdom)
  • In The Space You Left by Christine Saab (United Kingdom)
  • Madness Remixed by Rhea Storr (United Kingdom)
  • RIP SENI by Daisy Ifama (United Kingdom)
  • The Battle of Denham Ford by Rob Curry, Tim Pleste (United Kingdom)
  • The Elvermen by Isla Badenoch (United Kingdom)
  • The Return by Eriberto Gualinga (Ecuador, United Kingdom)

Short Film Award

  • Ancient Sunshine by Jason Livingston (USA)
  • Aphorisms of the Lake (Aforismos del Lago) by Humberto González Bustillo (Venezuela)
  • Barataria by Julie Nguyen Van Qui (France, Spain)
  • Blue Sky (Zerua blu) by Lur Olaizola Lizarralde (Spain)
  • Golden Flask (Auksinis Flakonas) by Jurgis Matulevicius, Paulius Anicas (Lithuania)
  • Homage to the work of Philip Henry Gosse (Homenaje a la obra de Philip Henry Gosse) by Pablo Martin Weber (Argentina)
  • Madness Remixed by Rhea Storr (United Kingdom)
  • Shelly Belly inna Real Life by Cecilia Bengolea (Argentina, France)
  • The Branches are Hope; The Roots are Memory by Sema Basharan (United Kingdom)
  • The World of Mindfulness (Zing Nim Sai Gaai) by Ying Liang (Hong Kong)
  • The Year of The White Moon (God Beloi Luni) by Maxim Pechersky (Russia)
  • Tomorrow We’ll See (Domani si vedrà) by Lorenzo Vittone (Italy)