Troubled by his own reoccurring transformations, a restless backpacker seeks his place in the world. Through a mysterious encounter in a concrete building in the midst of a barren swampland, he hopes to have finally found such a place.

CONCRETE is an interesting animated film, both in style and in the story hidden inside the short. The animation is pretty good, has a cool style and is fluid, well crafted. While the main character and the world are in 3D, we then meet a second figure, a fox, which is 2D and moves around the concrete, shifting from a rock wall to another without having a physical body: this effect is particularly nice. With no need for words, CONCRETE develops around the main character, who is restless, seeking a place in the world, struggling against something that is never really explained: but is it important? The story of this short film is open to interpretation, left to the sensitivity of the audience, that’s why is not so necessary that we know the struggles the guy is confronting: those could be our own struggles, and each of us have different ones. The meeting with the fox, the counterparty of CONCRETE, has a taste of The Little Prince.

This short animation is cryptic, mysterious and inspiring.

Director: Pirmin Bieri, Aira Joana, Nicolas Roth, Luca Struchen
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2019
Running time: 8