When Cardboard City catches fire, it’s up to an energetic fire chief and his brave deputies to save its citizens from the encroaching flames.

A very original idea and animation: FIRE IN CARDBOARD CITY is the story of an emergency in a city fully made of cardboard, including the inhabitants and the firemen, and how the firefighters try to deal with that problem. The style is pretty cool and the character models and the environment are pretty well done, the animation and movements look fluid, almost realistic (for something made of cardboard, of course!). FIRE IN CARDBOARD CITY has a particular sense of humor that may look brutal to some, some scenes are borderline scary if you stop to think about them… Especially when the firefighters try to extinguish the fire with water made of cardboard and everything catches fire even worse. But this short film is very catchy and you just won’t be able to take the eyes off it until the ending, which is pretty funny to be true: FIRE IN CARDBOARD CITY reveals a nice plot twist when real water suddendly hits the city. A real man, in the flesh, in live action, is pouring water all over a drawn cardboard, while children observe pouting. Where did they even find a lighter?

FIRE IN CARDBOARD CITY was nominated in many festivals and won several awards too. It was in competition both in Tribeca Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival and won as Best Film and Best New Zealand film at Show Me Shorts Festival.

Director: Phil Brough
Country: New Zealand
Year: 2017
Running time: 9