The 2021 edition of Huesca International Film Festival (Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca) opened on June 11 and ended on 19th. This was the 49th edition of HIFF. Huesca International Film Festival is Academy Award Qualifier with the prizes International Short Film Contest – Danzante Award, Latin American Short Film Contest – Danzante Award, Documentary Short Film Contest – Danzante Award.

Winners have been announced, see all details on their website.

Iberoamerican Contest

First Prize Iberoamerican Danzante Award
Inefable (Ineffable) by Gerard Oms (Spain)

‘Cacho Pallero’ Iberoamerican Danzante Award
Los Párajos Vuelan de a Dos (The Birds Fly Together) by Juan Felipe Grisales (Colombia)

Alberto Sánchez Debut Iberoamerican Danzante Award
Forastera (Foreigner) by Lucía Aleñar (Spain)

Special Mention
O Barco e O Rio (The Boat and the River) by Bernardo Ale Abinader (Brazil)

International Contest

First Prize International Danzante Award
I Am Afraid to Foget Your Face by Sameh Alaa (Egypt, France)

‘Jinete Ibérico’ Animation International Award
Precious (Precieux) by Paul Mas (France)

International Debut Danzante
Un Cœur D’or (Heart of Gold) by Filliot Simon (France)

‘Francisco García De Paso’ Human Values Mention
Cherupki (Eggshells) by Slava Doytcheva (Bulgaria)

Special Mention
Al-Sit by Suzannah Mirghani (Sudan, Qatar)

Documentary Contest

First Prize Documentary Danzante Award
The Fantastic by Maija Blåfield (Finland)

‘José Manuel Porquet’ Iberoamerican Documentary Danzante
25 by Roberta Nikita, Laura Put (Spain)

Special Mention
A Cambio de tu Vida (In Spite fo Ourselves) by Olatz Ovejero Alfonso, Clara López, Aurora Báez, Sebastian Ramírez (Spain)

Other Awards

Aragón Televisión Audience Award
Nur y Abir by Manu Gómez (Spain)

Best Script
Al-Sit by Suzannah Mirghani (Sudan, Qatar)