A heartbroken woman must cope with her cheating boyfriend, and an incoming alien invasion.

Simple but effective, FENESTRA is a sci-fi short film with an incredibly dramatic power. In just four minutes we get the taste of how shocking and upsetting one can be when cheated on. A young woman stares at the emptiness of the room, with just a glass of wine, listening to an apologetic phone message in which her ex-partner tries to make it up to her. What simply seems to be something about love and betrayal, suddendly goes deep in fantascientific setting when we see what the woman is truly looking at: outside her window, alien spaceships are floating, like they are waiting for something. The surprising ending arrives and brings up the truth: the woman is, in fact, in charge of the ships and is ready to unleash them to get her revenge: a human being destroyed her feelings, now all humankind must be broken as much as she is.

FENESTRA shows how you don’t need an incredible setting when you have a powerful idea and a story. Only a room, some props and an actress are able to create atmosphere, mystery and entertainment.

Director: Jason Sheedy
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Running time: 4