Pauline and Barry are a seemingly happily married middled aged couple. That is until Pauline tunes into relationship hour on Talk Radio and thinks she recognises the nameless voice that’s relaying a lifetime of regrets live on the radio.

TALK RADIO is a brilliant short film, with a dramatic yet ironic perspective on marriage. With a simple setting, just a kitchen with a radio, and two old married people, this film manages to be interesting and entertaining, also thanks to a pinch of English humor. A dark comedy about marriage life: while the wife is making lunch, the husband disappears in the garden to do something – only to apparently end up on the phone on a radio show, talking about a life of regrets with the woman he married. She listens to the vent, clearly shocked: the acting is just on-point. While a twist appears to be a little predictable, the post-credits scene is completely amusing and gives TALK RADIO the perfect ending. What is appreciable is the casting of both the main characters and the soundtrack choice. Very nice photography, overall an enjoyable short film.

Director: Ben S. Hyland
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2021
Running time: 9