When his car breaks down, Zak is forced to encounter all forms of humanity during a frenzied ride on a city bus.

It is an important day for Zak: he has an interview for an important job, but everything goes wrong when his car breaks and he has to take the bus. This main character appears to be colorless, too attatched to his phone and social media to care of what happens around him: he lives of pictures, likes and reactions. All changes when he steps on METRO6, the bus that also names the short film. Surrounded by colorful, messy and loud people, his perspective of the world slowly changes, allowing him to finally gain some color. The sense of community, of enjoying eachother’s company, caring for strangers, are what give color to Zak and, in general, to somebody’s life. And when Zak doesn’t get accepted for that new job, after having such an adventurous tour on the bus, he gets again collected by the same driver and the people he met before are ready to make him feel better, loved and part of a community.

METRO6 surely hides an important message, shown with beautiful animation, amazing drawings and an intelligent metaphor. The film got nominated and awarded in different festivals: nominated at Athens Animfest, LA Shorts International Film Festival, Los Angeles Animation Festival and others, and winner at Black Maria Film and Video Festival, San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, Santa Fe Film Festival and more.

Title: METRO6
Director: Geoff Hecht
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Running time: 8