The 2021 edition of Palm Springs International Shortfest opened on June 22nd and ended on 28th. This year was the 27th edition of the festival, which is Academy Award Qualifying with the prizes Best of the Festival Award, Best Animation Short, Best Live, Best Documentary Short.

Winners have been announced. Find all the details on their website.

Short Film Awards

Best of the Festival Award
Unforgivable by Marlén Viñayo (El Salvador)
Special MentionPalma by Alexe Poukine (France)

Best Animated Short
Step Into the River by Weijia Ma (China)
Special MentionNavozande, the Musician by Reza Riahi (France)

Best Documentary Short
The Queen of Basketball by Ben Proudfoot (USA)
Special MentionThe Interview by Jon Miller, Zach Russo (USA)

Best Live-Action Short Over 15 Minutes
The Criminals by Serhat Karassian (France, Romania, Turkey)
Special MentionThe Girls Who Burned the Night by Sara Mesfer (Saudi Arabia)

Best Live-Action Short 15 Minutes and Under
The Mohel by Charles Wahl (Canada)
Special MentionAly by Thomas Wood (France)
Special MentionThe Long Goodbye by Aneil Karia (United Kingdom)

Best International Short
Howling by Laura Van Haecke (Belgium)

Best U.S. Short
Inheritance by Annalise Lockhart (USA)
Special MentionPlease Hold by KD Dávila (USA)

Local Jury Award
Dying In Your Mother’s Arms by John Beder (USA)
Special Mention: Don vs Lightning by Big Red Button (United Kingdom)

Young Cineastes Award
Americanized by Erica Eng (USA)
Special Mention: Little Bear by Nicolas Birkenstock (France)

Best Student Animation
Love Is Just a Death Away by Bára Anna Stejskalová (Czech Republic)
Special MentionMisery Loves Company by Sasha Lee (South Korea, USA)

Best Student Documentary
The Void Inside by Julian Dietrich (Germany, Iran)
Special Mention: Joychild by Aurora Brachman (USA)

Best Student International Short
Her Dance by Bar Cohen (Israel)

Best Student U.S. Short
El Clásico by Joel Vázquez Cárdenas (Mexico)
Special MentionFourth of July by Major Dorfman (USA)

Best Comedy Short
Break In by Alyssa Lerner (USA)
Special MentionSnowy by Kaitlyn Schwalje, Alex Wolf Lewis (USA)

Best LGBT+ Short
Eggshells by Slava Doytcheva (Bulgaria)
Special Mention: F1-100 by Emory Chao Johnson (USA, Malaysia)

Best Midnight Short
Night Bus by Joe Hsieh (Taiwan)
Special Mention: Night of the Living Dicks by Ilja Rautsi (Finland, Denmark)

Vimeo Staff Pick Award
The Nannies by Signe Barvild Staehr (Denmark)

MOZAIK Bridging the Borders Award
A Broken House by Jimmy Goldblum (USA, Lebanon)
Special MentionBambirak by Zamarin Wahdat (Germany, USA)
Special MentionOn My Way by Sonam Larcin (Belgium)