Marvin Wexler has his first cup of coffee ever and desperately wants to talk to someone about it.

MARVIN’S NEVER HAD COFFEE BEFORE is actually a very funny short film, really less predictable that it may seem at the start. The plot is very simple and revolves around coffee and smart working: but fear not, it is not another obvious film on surviving quarantine. Marvin meets his colleagues everyday on Zoom and everybody looks so involved and addicted to coffee: while all of them keep a cup of the mud beside them, the main character has water. But he needs to fit in, so he decides to buy an expresso maker and finally join the coffee team… He even starts following all the coffee shops and cafeterias around his area on Instagram! But then, when he tries his first cup, we have the twist of the short film: one could expect Marvin to love coffee and become addicted to it, it would have been funny even if a bit predictable. But no, MARVIN’S NEVER HAD COFFEE BEFORE is surprising: Marvin doesn’t even like it and has a crisis about it, he feels so bad that he wants to quit is job. But then… A colleague reaches for him. He needs to know the flavor of his coffee. Marvin finally admits the truth: that was his first cup and he didn’t even like it. The colleague’s answer is astonishing and the ending is very cute, touching and able to bring a smile. With just a simple setting and a cool idea, MARVIN’S NEVER HAD COFFEE BEFORE manages to be funny, entertaining and unforgettable.

MARVIN’S NEVER HAD COFFEE BEFORE was in nomination at Palm Springs International ShortFest for Best Comedy Award and at SXSW Film Festival for the Grand Jury Award.

Director: Andrew Carter
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Running time: 8