An old man hires an assassin to get rid of a former colleague.

A man calls a dry cleaning laudry, which hides another ‘cleaning’ service, a much darker one: when he asks for Obitus, he gets to talk to the assassin he needs to hire. Obitus needs some details to get on with his job. A very fine editing accompanies the phone call between the two, as the employer describes the useless life of the victim and how much he is becoming a burden for his family. Though very short, DIAL TONE is tense, captivating, and as we follow the preparation of the job, we anticipate the ending… Which comes with a cool and deep twist. DIAL TONE shows how even a very short movie has nothing to envy to much more complex productions: it has a nice plot, good setting, on-point direction and editing, an interesting ending.

Director: Noah Sellers
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Running time: 3