The 2021 edition of Maine International Film Festival will start on July 9th and end on 18th. This is the 24th edition of MIFF, founded in 1998 as a project of Maine Film Center.

Find all the films in program on their website, here we are only listing the short films.

Short Films in program

  • Al-Sit by Suzannah Mirghani (Sudan)
  • An Apology by Collin Del Cuore (USA)
  • Blue Muon by Nicolas Pernot (France)
  • Bobert by Oluseyi Olatujoye (USA)
  • Bruiser by Miles Warren (USA)
  • Chloe and the Five Elements by Gordon LePage (USA)
  • Dial Home by César Martínez Barba (USA)
  • Embryonic Universe by Isabelle Rogers, Phoebe Rogers (USA)
  • Flowers and Bikes by Daniel Kayamba (USA)
  • Homegoing by Carlton Daniel Jr. (USA)
  • I Like Tomorrow by Nancy Andrews, Jennifer Reeder (USA)
  • In the Meantime, With You by Conner Evert (USA)
  • Junior by AJ Wilhelm (USA, Haiti)
  • Leaving Home by Bennett Mosseau (USA)
  • Leylak by Scott Aharoni, Dennis Latos (USA)
  • Natasha Mayers: An Un-Still Life by Anita Clearfield, Geoffrey Leighton (USA)
  • New Mexico Deathwish Diatribe by Georg Koszulinski (USA)
  • Pure by Natalie Jasmine Harris (USA)
  • The Seeker by Lance Edmands (USA)
  • Since You Arrived, My Heart Stopped Belonging to Me by Erin Semine Kökdil (USA)
  • Slip by Nicole Otero (USA)
  • threshold(er) by Mase Peterson (USA)
  • Two Little People by Xin Li (Australia, China)
  • Waltz in Time by Gordon LePage (USA)
  • The Way Life Is by Maple Razsa, Sophie Nacht (USA)
  • When Glaciers Go by Corey Robinson (Nepal)
  • The Winter by Xin Li (Australia, China)