The 2021 edition of ShorTS International Film Festival started on July 1st and ended on 10th, it was the 22nd edition of ShorTS. Winners have been announced, don’t forget to visit the festival’s website. We are only listing the short films awarded.

Maremetraggio Section

Premio EstEnergy – Gruppo Hera
I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face by Sameh Alaa (Egypt, France, Belgium, Qatar)

Special Mention
Välguga löödud by Raul Esko, Romet Esko (Estonia)

Premio AcegasApsAmga – Best Italian Short
Ape Regina by Nicola Sorcinelli (Italy)

Audience Award
Solitaire by Edoardo Natoli (Italy)

Premio AMC – Best editing in Italian Short
Ape Regina by Nicola Sorcinelli (Italy)

First Special Mention
La Grande Onda by Francesco Tortorella (Italy)

Second Special Mention
Gas Station by Olga Torrico (Italy)

Shorter Kids’n’Teens

Shorter Kids Award
Tobi and the Turbobus by Verena Fels, Marc Angele (Germany)

Shorter Teens Award
Tikkun Olam by Bob Ahmed (USA)

Short Virtual Reality Section

Rai Cinema Channel VR Award
Black Bag by Shao Qing (China)

ShorTS Virtual Reality Award
Om Devi: Sheroes Revolution by Claudio Casale (India, Italy)