Gertie and her sometimes boyfriend, Sam, are faced with a major life decision only to realize that even when they know what they want, life has other plans.

STILL WYLDE is an incredibly powerful short film. It manages to shift from comedic moments to sweetness just to end up in completely involving dramatic and devastatingly moving scenes. It is touching and hurtful, but also manages to bring up hopefulness during the credit scenes. The actors are amazing, the direction is very good, the editing is nice and every scene seems to be perfect to convey all the emotions and troubles happening to Gertie. We start this story with her panicking because she finds out she’s pregnant, until things start to get better: she and her boyfriend get along well, are getting prepared and also have a name for the baby on the way, Wylde. With some sweet and funny scenes and a little bit of drama when they visit a couple of friends, the film then brutally falls in pure drama when the doctor communicates the couple that the baby has no beat, therefore Gertie had a miscarriage. This moment unleashes all the painful and touching scenes the film had in store and manages to be completely involving and moving for the audience. STILL WYLDE is definitely worth to watch as it compresses in a few minutes all the feelings of happiness and desperation that some much longer films cannot convey with the same power.

Director: Ingrid Haas
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Running time: 11